jennifer was raised  in Spain by loving parents who were excellent writers and masterful with watercolor and collage. They would write funny stories for the three children and encouraged them to be creative. Her parents were the first Bohemians surrounded by English ladies and lords, writers, painters, sculptors, and dancers. It was this elegant, creative environment that inspired jennifer to fall in love with creating art.

As a child her passions were hunting berries and collecting dragonflies and butterflies which were meticulously arranged  under glass. It was in High School in the United States that she began making jewelry. She was inlaying stone in intricate Egyptian inspired designs and  building large hollow bracelets with hinges and clasps.

Her further education began with a Bachelors in Fine Art but it was a trade school in London England that opened up the unlimited possibilities of jewelry. Teachers there shared their elaborate pieces for Persian customers while the museums displayed huge exhibitions from ancient to modern jewelry.  jennifer returned to the US to complete a Masters in Fine Art and a Teaching Credential in Art.

In Santa Barbara, California she started winning some of her many design awards, starting when she was working for a jewelry store that had other very talented designers. It was here also that she happily met her future husband gregore. Together they make a formidable jewellery design and consulting team.

I hope when my creations part with me, they will inspire wonder and joy and become symbols of  universal values of this generation.


2016 Gem Diva Honorable mention, WJA

2015 1st Place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Award

2014 Gem Diva Evening Wear, AGTA Spectrum Award

2009 2nd  Place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Award

2008 Honorable Mention, AGTA Spectrum Award

2008 Best Use of Color, AGTA Spectrum Award

2007 1st Place Evening Wear, AGTA Spectrum Award

1997 2nd place Division 5, AGTA Spectrum Award

The art of jewelry is a personal, intimate experience that touches others through its expression of universal values. My goal is to create beautiful forms with rare materials to inspire wonder and joy in the viewer.
— jennifer-rabe