Custom Jewelry Santa Barbara

It is always a pleasure to work one on one with a customer. It gives us a chance to fulfill the dreams of others, we see it as a great gift; the opportunity to connect with another person on a deep level and create a piece of jewelry that is going to be yours for a life time.

Designing the perfect custom engagement rings or a complete bridal set of earrings, bracelet, or the perfect designed pendant.

Working with your stones or ours, your designs or ours, we create beautiful designs that will make you feel wonderful and fit your individuality.

Beautiful jewelry designs that realize your dreams and fulfill your hearts desire that will last for generations, heirlooms for loved ones and yourself.

customer quotes:

“They use beautiful colored stones, unique materials, and fabulous whimsical designs.”

“They are personable, honest, easy going.”

“The jewelry is original, unique, and perfectly executed.  I value the craftsmanship”

“Your pieces always make me smile - then comes wonderment and awe. So delicious and perfect in proportion, color and balance.  It brings a creative outlet to my life .  An expression of beauty and an unending opportunity for learning.”