The Engagement ring is Done!

The customer will be very happy to see the finished wedding band. The black diamonds have been enhanced with black ruthenium plating, and the white diamonds on top add a lot of sparkle!

The original wedding set before the band was finished looked like this. We don't have the engagement ring because the owner wanted to wear it at her bachelorette party!

King of Chalcedony is by far the purple one

This ring was made a while ago, but we wanted to share our love of purple. The chalcedony is enhanced with the amethyst pave which has been blackened to make  the purple color pop , the mount is made in white gold and set with diamonds.

A fluted wedding band

Sometimes diamonds can be tucked away so only you know they are there. The fluted matching wedding bands arc upwards like a tulip.

Making a wedding to match an unusual shaped engagement ring

One of the strengths of the Gregore and Jennifer-Rabe jeweler's workshop  in Santa Barbara, is to tackle difficult projects. A favorite tool is pattern resin, a plastic product from the dental industry for making crowns. Gregory made a lovely and unusual engagement ring with opaque white diamonds surrounding the traditionally clear diamond. Notice the Eastern influence in the curves and peaks. He used the pattern resin to fit the wedding band snuggly against the ring. I am in the early stages of setting the band. The white diamonds will be on top, and an unusual touch is putting black diamonds that will tuck under the ring hidden from view when the two are worn together.

The metal surrounding the black diamonds will have a plating of black rhodium to enhance the look. When the band is complete I will share it in a later post!

The metal surrounding the black diamonds will have a plating of black rhodium to enhance the look. When the band is complete I will share it in a later post!

AJDC Fire Earrings

I love to share the wacky pieces of jewelry I often make for the annual American Jewelry Design Council, because i will often be free in what I design and use materials that are often unusual and  not often used. These earrings are made with anodized aluminum, and red coral branches.

It is summer time and what better color to wear but turquoise!

With summer comes bright blue colors of the sky and the ocean, umbrellas dotting the sand to shade for the day and simply luxuriating in some relaxation. This 18 karat red gold ring won a AGTA Spectrum  award. The turquoise inlay is beautifully cut and in the center is a rich purple amethyst. Red gold claws fasten it into the center.

Another Happy Customer


Our dear friend sparkles in the color green which is why she asked us to find a matching pair for earrings she had lost. Since slightly larger suited her best we bumped up the size of the stones and the width of the hoop. The end result white gold hoops with unique, removable Peridot drops with a diamond accent. She wears her jewelry with style.

Beads, beads and more beads

Beads often capture the wonders of nature in a small and wearable casing. In particular are the ethereal Labradorites, the banded agates and the dreamy Moonstones and  Opals. Whether they are round or not beads add a lovely accent to fashion. Dressed up in the "rosary style" metal chain and bead, a contemporary and unusual style emerges. Let us know what beads and colors you miss in your wardrobe and we can create something unique for you.

Pearls are a girls's best friend!

Salt water pearls have those lovely white, yellow, black and green colors: fresh water pearls are also in white but are special for their pinks, purples, and orange colors. Jewelry is a girls best friend because you can accessorize so well.

American jewelry Design Council Project for 2017

Every year a band of crazy jewelers agree to create a novel piece of jewelry for the heck of it and to promote jewelry as ART. This years assignment was Stripes! Why I thought of three jade rings in a Japanese Cloud theme is beyond me but I followed the inspiration which was fun and I hope it brings you enjoyment too! Soon to come is Gregore's piece under his Blog/Passions.

Gregore and Jennifer-Rabe Jewelers, custom jewelry designs and engagement rings, made in Santa Barbara, CA.

Jennifer-Rabe called hers Japanese Clouds made from Nephrite Jade and getting lots of help from genius Gregore who can even cut tough jade on the CNC!

Dream Foundation 7th Annual Flower Empower Luncheon May 18th

Beautiful Vancouver style earrings, made in hammered 18 karat yellow gold, will go up for auction during the luncheon. This annual event will raise funds for Flower Empower, a volunteer-driven program that delivers hope and compassion—in the form of beautiful bouquets—to those in need.