gregore was born and raised in Vancouver Canada surrounded by loving parents who supported his creative endeavors . His parents had there own many talents one in art and sports the other business.

They let their two sons explore whatever interested them. Creativity was always high on the list of daily activities, the freedom to wander the whole day, entertained  by creating worlds unto themselves, conquering construction projects in the backyard creek, to reverse engineering their toys, (taking them apart to the chagrin of their parents),  just to see how they worked. Sadly not many toys made it back together again.  gregore never seemed to waste a moment, even packing in creative activities into every day chores. The daily walk to and from  school he whittled so many figurines he left a permanent trail of woodchips in his path, many a kitchen knife went missing during this era.

His love of art was also nurtured by a deep sense of connection to artists of the past to present, from comic book art to those who made the magnificent Haida Totem poles of his British Columbia countryside. 

In high school a metal working class led to an interest in jewellery. It was a synchronistic event that his neighbor offered him an apprenticeship in the art.

It was at a jewellery store in Santa Barbara, where he now lives, that he began to nurture the possibilities of design in jewellery , it was also where he met his future wife jennifer. His sense of design went through a massive growth because he was inspired by the multitude of famous designers who had left designs behind. He spent hours nightly drawing, using their ideas as inspiration which led to his own insights about what makes good design. It was here that his distinctive style was born and gregore won the first of many many design awards.

Today gregore’s voracious appetite for new ideas, experimentation, exquisite detail and his innate playfulness are sharply reflected in his magnificent jewelry designs and object d’art.

‘It’s about a pursuit of the art of jewellery. I will even invent a tool to satisfy my curiosity.’  


2001 1st place Division 2, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2001 3rd place  Division 3, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2001 "Best of Show", AGTA Spectrum Awards.

2001 Runner up, World Gold Council Design Contest.

2002 "Best of Show" AGTA Spectrum Awards.

2006 3rd place AGTA Spectrum Awards

2007 1st place and "Fashion Forward Award"AGTA Spectrum Awards

2009 1st place  Classical, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2010 2nd place Objects of Art, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2010 winner of A.J.D.C. "New Talent Contest"

2011 1st place Objects of Art, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2011 2nd place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2011  "Fashion Forward Award" AGTA Spectrum Awards

2011 1st place MJSA Design Excellence Award

2011 1st place MJSA Laser Distinction Award

2012 2nd place MJSA Design Excellence Award

2013 1st place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2013 2nd place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2013 3rd place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2013 1st place "object of art "AGTA Spectrum Awards

2014 3rd place Business Day Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2015 Editor’s Choice Evening Wear, AGTA Spectrum Awards

2016 1st Place CAD CAM Distinction, MJSA

I strive to keep my work whimsical, fun to look at and own while surrendering to nature’s forms and lines, allowing them to express themselves through me and my work.
I am drawn to lines that start and stop but continue in another area. And just when I think I have a clever idea, I try to remind myself that nature created it all before and I am just rediscovering.
— gregore