When we started these earrings we were sure that David, David Gross Group,  would appreciate their simplicity, making the rubies the stars. His stones are particularly beautiful. They are clean, bright and beautifully cut. After the drawing was approved we threw it into CAD so we could size the design precisely to his stones. Once the file was grown and cast we set to giving them a perfect polish. We set them with F color, VS clarity diamonds. The rubies were set with great care to keep them as pristine as they came to us. The final stage was the fun part, to join the huggie to the drop. here we got to see how pretty the rubies looked and what a lovely statement the earrings made overall.

We also are developing some findings for the higher end jewelry market, to diversify our products and to fill a gap. High end findings in the huggie style are few and far between, all too often a bit on the light side. We particularly like this huggie because it doesn't need a spring.

Platinum huggie set with diamonds

Platinum huggie set with diamonds

It is a huggie that is secure because the hinged back clips into the post, which eliminates the earring back that is all to often misplaced. This is an earring all in one!

When we think up ideas we are also cost and convenience conscious. Jewelry is unique because you wear it. So putting jewelry on should be easy and fun. The pricing is important too because we want more people to have the joyous experience of adorning themselves with beautiful things.

Our jewelry workshop in Santa Barbara, is a special place because we actually make the stuff. We have to think about the beginning to the end so that we deliver a product that makes sense on many levels.